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We are excited to be trialling a new seniors’ interactive fitness class, which will be open to members of the community every Tuesday at 9:30am at Wyoming Community Centre. This fun and friendly class leads participants through a range of great exercises designed to improve balance, prevent falls, improve posture and decrease pain, while improving overall fitness.

Wyoming Community Centre officially unveiled its new group brand identity to the community at its recent Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Thursday 13 October 2016.

Attendees were introduced to the new group name, Gosford Regional Community Services, which has been selected to better reflect the broad role that the organisation plays in the wider Gosford community.

Gosford Regional Community Services encompasses Wyoming Community Centre, Wyoming Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) and Point Clare Community Hall.

The organisation is dedicated to supporting residents of the Gosford region through advocacy, referrals and information, and the delivery of a diverse range of activities and services.

Executive Officer of Gosford Regional Community Services, Kathy Sokk, says that the rebranding marks an important step in the overall growth of the organisation.

“We have been working with local groups, families and individuals for more than 20 years as Wyoming Community Centre, but as our services and geographic reach continue to expand, we felt it necessary to also expand our brand also,” said Kathy.

“As our services are no longer limited to the Wyoming and North Gosford areas, we developed an identity that would better capture who we are and what we are becoming and where we are heading in the future.

“We are proud to continue our association with Wyoming Community Centre while also running services and activities through Point Clare Community Hall and Wyoming OSHC as well as other community platforms,” she added.

The AGM also saw the announcement of the new Gosford Regional Community Services Board, which includes Chair Vicki Scott, Vice Chair Michael Daly, Treasurer Susan Cleary, Secretary, Mary Pritchard and Board Members Jason Van Ritten, Rebecca Wild and Melissa Garland.

(L to R) The GRCS Board: Rebecca Wild, Michael Daly, Vicki Scott, Kathy Sokk (Executive Officer), Jason Van Ritten, Mary Pritchard, Susan Cleary, Melissa Garland.

We are thrilled to unveil Gosford Regional Community Service's new look newsletter, The Link! 

Here, you will be able to find out about all of our news and events, including activities at Wyoming Community Centre, Point Clare Community Hall and Wyoming OSHC (Out of School Hours Care). 

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Australians throw out up to 20 percent of the food they purchase (that’s one in every five shopping bags), resulting in an annual food waste figure of $8 billion. 

In an attempt to reduce this shocking statistic, Gosford Regional Community Services is hosting a free community information session, ‘Love Food Hate Waste’ on Monday 7 November at Wyoming Community Centre. 

Date:               Monday 7 November 2016

Time:              11am to 12:30pm

Venue:            Wyoming Community Centre, 147 Maidens Brush Road, Wyoming, 2250


Bookings: or call 4323 7483

Community members are invited to attend the workshop, which is an initiative of Central Coast Council’s Green Living Program and aims to raise awareness about the environmental, economic and social impacts of food waste and reduce the amount of good food being sent to landfill.

Executive Officer of Gosford Regional Community Services, Kathy Sokk, says that the workshop will provide families and young people with important hints and tips on reducing unnecessary food waste and saving money in the process.

“Simple factors such as the temperature of your fridge, planning meals and controlling portions can prevent you from throwing out thousands of dollar’s worth of food each year,” said Kathy.   

“Many would be shocked to find out how a little bit of common sense and forward thinking can have such a positive impact on your savings account, weekly waste levels and even your waistline.

“And it’s not just individual households that can benefit from being food wise, it’s the environment. Every time good food is sent to landfill, it is contributing to generation of methane gas and the pollution of our local groundwater and waterways. 

“The damage being caused by food waste is so severe that, if we were to stop food waste in NSW alone, the environmental impact would be the equivalent of taking 117,000 cars off the road.

“This workshop is the perfect opportunity to find out how you can save time and money, eat well and benefit the environment by making simple changes to your everyday habits,” Kathy added. 

Community members are invited to attend the free ‘Love Food Hate Waste’ information session at Wyoming Community Centre on Monday 7 November from 11am to 12.30pm.

Bookings are essential. To register, visit